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ABC™ Brand New Body System

Complete course on how to correct body structure with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ resulting in clients telling you it is like they have a brand new body.


The ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program includes everything you need to know to learn and practice Advanced BioStructural Correction™.


The program is a comprehensive packet of material that give you all the information needed to be treating with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ after only a few weekends of relatively easy study. 


Not only will you learn how to perform ABC™ on patients, but you’ll learn how to analyze posture to know what to treat and what to leave alone so you get the results seen on the Before and After First Visit page which grows your practice by word-of-mouth.

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I waited a year to view the Intro DVD. I called to learn that First Rib Maneuver™ and then I rushed to get the ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program. It was a huge mistake to wait that year. I get consistently get the results promised. The patients notice and refer more. The practice is way up and I do not even have to use the distraction machine any more on those used to be “difficult” patients. Do not be dumb and wait like I did. Get ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program now and you will love it from day one. - Dr. Reynoso, CA

I am very impressed! I was a bit leery about buying ABC™ Core Curriculum Training Program, but the data and instructions are clear and easy to follow. Dr. Jutkowitz even called me the Monday after I got the seminar to find out if I had any questions. He does not just leave you to get it or not on your own. When Jesse says he takes responsibility for doctors being able to use ABC™ and get the results he promises, he means it. - Dr. Rusty Cross, TN

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